Terms and conditions

License grant

The radio imaging materials found on Karloproduction.com are licensed to you, not sold. This license is non-exclusive and is non-transferable.
This license is granted to a single user.
Karloproduction.com retains complete ownership of all materials. Music and voiceover excerpts found in the imaging materials are copyrighted to their original owners. No radio imaging material contain full songs.
By downloading and buying Karloproduction products, you understand that you are bound to the terms stated in this agreement. The rights granted expressly forbid resale, republishing or any other distribution except using the editable materials for your own production in your own radio station. You may not sell, rent, lease, lend, upload, share, post, transmit or transfer, in any manner, any material on this site, in whole or in part, to another user, or for use in any competitive product or competitive website. Permission is given for material downloaded/purchased to be used for broadcast on radio, either FM, AM, DAB or online with no additional fees, so long as all pieces are used within your production. Non-watermarked materials should not be broadcasted for the public, it always has to contain your radio’s own station id.
In the event of a breach of this License Agreement, action may be taken against you directly by the owner of the copyright. Karloproduction products must be purchased directly from Karloproduction.com. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.


Downloaded Audio Files can’t be returned, since there is no way to prevent unauthorized reuse once it’s been delivered. Therefore, we can’t provide refunds or exchanges. We may choose do so at our own discretion in special cases, but please be aware that as soon as you’ve had access to the product, the license is in effect and non-refundable.


All FREE Karloproduction materials are subject to the same license agreement and copyright restrictions, unless specified otherwise. Karloproduction reserves the right to change this license agreement at any time and for any reason.

Performing rights

With respect to any music compositions that may be included in any Karloproduction product, this License does not include Performing Rights. Performing Rights represent the entitlement of music composers and publishers to benefit from the public performance of their compositions. Performing Rights societies have been established to collect and fairly distribute Performing Rights fees to music composers and publishers. If you use any musical compositions contained within any Karloproduction product for either broadcast or non-broadcast productions that are eligible for documentation by Performing Rights associations, said music use should be reported to your local Performing Rights society.